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A Refreshing Place to be.
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THEn and Now

The Lyric Theater, formally known as "The Happy Hour Theatre," started out around 1913 as the winter home for the movies and shows in Flatonia. 

It became The Lyric Theater in 1930. In 1952 it received a major renovation with its signature marquee, indoor restrooms and new equipment.

Unfortunately in 1967 it showed its "last" movie  Beach Blanket Bingo.  

In 2007 a new owner began the slow task of bringing it back to life. Starting out much like the Happy Hour Theatre,  movies were shown outside in the park on a painted screen on the side of the building.

After the extensive renovation was completed in 2017, The Lyric Theater is once again ready to welcome new patrons thru its doors!


In 2020, The Lyric Theater changed ownership and has begun another extensive renovation. 

The theater now has a pizzeria and ice cream parlor next store.  After a lovely movie in the freshly renovated Lyric, meander over to the pizza parlor and enjoy a delicious dinner and a sweet dessert with your family.

Check out our Facebook page for more information.

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